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Why Digital Culture

Last winter I completed a course on Digital Design, it was the start of my journey down the digital road. Using Photoshop and Notepad, I learned how to design and hand-code my own website. Looking to further my knowledge and experience, I researched for an online course, that would further my digital skills.

Through some research I came the MA for Digital Culture, UCC, through the  Springboard Initiative. Part-time and online, it suited me perfectly. When I saw the course, Digital Culture, I was fascinated. I had never heard of Digital Culture or Digital Humanities, but I liked the description of the course, and so applied.

My first impressions of Digital Culture, was that it was about making archives available online, lots of scanning and typing. So, libraries and museums, make their collections available to view online. Then I started to think about the way I use digital. Mostly for work, I have Facebook, Twitter accounts, run 2 blogs (now 3), and find most of my contacts and indeed opportunities through media. A good few projects I have taken part in, from tree cosies in Canada, Crocheted Coral Reefs, Embroidered napkins for Alzheimer patients, even embroidering a term from a digital lexicon, these all came about through digital media. So, I thought I had a good enough idea of what it might entail. So far, my world has been blown open, Digital Culture reaches far wider than you can imagine, has so many diverse practitioners and projects and such an amazing potential!

My preconceived ideas of digital tools, trends, and potential, are now in the compost bin. I have just excavated a vast crater from my brain, ready to fill new ideas and tools. It is daunting and exciting at the same time. I’m looking forward to the journey.

Please bear with me, as I get used to posting my thoughts and research on this blog. And please, feel free to join me in the conversation!!

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So, what do you think ?