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Fite Fuaite

I called this blog Fite Fuaite, because it is one of my favorite expressions in Irish, as Gaeilge. It means, intertwined/interwoven. I heard it many years ago, and always thought it was the perfect expression to describe what I do, and the kind of person I am.  I currently live in Dingle, a Gaeltacht area, in the wild South West of Ireland. My Irish is terrible, but I am trying to learn..slowly

The short version:

weaver of threads, designs, stories, communities, cultures, people, nature and more.

The long version:

This blog started as a documentation of my thoughts and research, as I studied for an MA in Digital Culture with UCC.  I attended the course through distance learning, taking full advantage of all the different types of remote methods and tools, that were around in 2016. (Feels so long ago now! Covid19, has pretty much changed everything remote).

To date,  I have had an eclectic career. I worked for many years in the Creative Arts in Ireland, working as a weaver, knitwear, I even dabbled in puppetry.  I’ve created work for parades, festival, films, I’ve organised and run arts events, and taken part in a few exhibitions. Between all this, I’ve run workshops, focusing on sustainability and community arts practice.

Thinking I wasn’t digitally minded, I came to discover technology later than others, almost accidentally, starting as a craft blogger. Using platforms like WordPress, Ravely and Pinterest, to discover and connect with a whole underground movement of makers, who created and shared digitally. (My twitter handle Stitchlily, was my yarnbombing name). Without realising it, I gradually came to be more involved in digital making, through graphic and web  design, social media marketing, and facilitating workshops along the same lines.

I’m currently working as a local cordinator with the School of BEES, UCC, on an Ireland/Wales sustainable tourism research project.

Generally I work as an creative community artist, advocate and activist

You can find me in all the usual places

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/orla-breslin/

Instagram: @heritage_ireland completely biased curation of my favourite heritage things

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/stitchlily

Personal Twitter: www.twitter.com/stitchlily

Github: https://github.com/OrlaBr