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The LIVE operation (Llyn IVeragh Ecomuseums)

This week I am starting a new position, Research Support Officer, Local Operations Coordinator – with the School of BEES/ERIS, UCC. The LIVE operation (Llŷn IVeragh Ecomuseums) is a multi-partner venture that will establish an EcoMuseum in western Iveragh, Co. Kerry, and will develop a new pillar for the #Ecoamgueddfa of the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales.

LIVE will promote tourism using the EcoMuseum model and through co-operative marketing of natural and cultural capital assets to bring tourists into the regions outside of the traditional peak tourist seasons, enhancing the consequential socio-economic benefits to the coastal communities.


Part of the Ireland Wales Cooperation Programme, that has seen numerous projects happen over the past few years. I’ve been following a few on Twitter with interest, I am delighted I will now get to work on one of the babies of this programme. The main focus of the operation is to maximize the potential of local natural heritage as a tourism asset, “developing and enhancing the quality and impact of ecotourism in the participating coastal communities”.

As the project progresses, I’m going to write a series of generalized blogs about EcoMuseums, sustainable tourism, research tools, etc. I won’t be writing about the project particulars, unless they are publicly advertised (GDPR and all that), but an overview, more of a digital diary, where I can log tools and methods used to research and develop this project.

I am delighted to be taking part in this project, and very excited about the potential of this EcoMuseum for South Kerry

So, what do you think ?