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Sourcing Images

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Between the short videos and Gifs I’ve been working on, to other digital projects, the constant search for images, can take up a lot of time. Finding images to use is easy, simply do an online search, but finding images you can use freely, is not so easy or simple.

When I am creating a project for others, such as websites, videos, blog posts, etc, I constantly have to remind them of the need for good, clear images. Then, explain copyright and fair usage. My collaborators get it in the end, but it is always an issue. To buy images or not. In order to try beat this. I am slowly creating my own small stock of hi-res images and short video clips. Random shots, everything from walks on the beach, vegetables, to hands moving shots. It ultimately makes things easier.

As a maker, I have been aware of copyright issues, in relation to images of my work being used. Before, you only found out if someone used your image, when it was spotted, either in print or online. Now however, it is much easier to trace your image, find its digital footsteps, and for this reason, it is more important than ever to think about the images you use, and where you get them from. By not thinking, it can lead to a day in court, and/or a hefty fine

Finding Images

The easiest way to find images is to simply do an online search. The process is relatively painless, but because I get asked about this frequently, I have decided to write a blog post about it.

I have made this simple infograph with 8 key points about using sourcing and using images.

Infograph on sourcing images for use


So, what do you think ?