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Comhrá, is the Irish word for conversation. I was trying to think up of a category name that I could file blog posts that include any thoughts or opinion pieces I write, but I couldn’t think of a suitable English word.

I am learning Gaeilge at the moment, and trying to use it everyday, in order to lose the eagla (fear) of speaking bad Irish, whilst living in a Gaeltacht area (Irish-speaking area). I like this term, comhrá. So I’ve decided to file any posts which contain discussions, research, thoughts, conversations with myself, or others, under the category Comhrá

Open Source

One of the first aspects I am loving about the course so far, is the lecturers. It is so refreshing to be guided by people who really believe in the love of knowledge, and share it so openly. In fact, everything about the course is open; Open Source. Using tools and information that is open source, our own thoughts and research, through this blog, will be open source. But what does Open Source mean? According to the Open Source Initiative,

Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone.

Free alternatives to the Apples and Microsofts of this world, owning and copyrighting everything. Examples of open source software that I already use myself are WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, 7-Zip, Open Office, Notepad++. There are many more that I havn’t discovered yet, and when I do, I will be adding to my digital box of tools.

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