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picasso style drawing of a woman

I came across this little website, made by RFI Studios,  ‘Create Your Own Piccassohead’, and had great fun designing a self portrait to use as a new avatar for my social media. This is a great simple, yet effective tool, that combines digital and creativity.

I’ve been looking at a variety of digital projects, to see how creativity and digital technology can be combined, from complicated conceptual projection mapping to stop-motion animation. This is the beginning of my research for my digital artefact, with will be part of my final work on this MA journey.

RFI studios, a digital creative agency based in New York, created this programme:

In addition to being a popular tool used by students and teachers internationally to learn about art and promote creativity, Picassohead is also a nod to Ruder Finn’s longstanding admiration of art and artists. When co-founder and art aficionado David Finn began his company in the 1940s, his original goal was to bring art into corporations, and strengthen ties between the business and creative worlds.

Its inspiring, to come across companies such as RFI Studios. Sometimes, its hard to see past the business side of creative agencies, and their funked up branding styles. Where advertising has become like mini-soaps, catering for our ever-decreasing attention spans. Projects such as their How to Create a PicassoHead, show the brighter fun side of digital technology. I can see kids, schools, galleries and museums, using interactive media such as this.

One of my most popular posts on my craft blog, is How to Draw a Tiki Head. A very simple how to guide designed so my son could help me make Tiki Heads. I would love to design a digital programme, like this one, but with Tiki Heads instead. It is so encouraging, when I sometimes get bogged down in academia, to see really good yet simple digital/creative projects.

So, what do you think ?