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Sourcing Images

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Between the short videos and Gifs I’ve been working on, to other digital projects, the constant search for images, can take up a lot of time. Finding images to use is easy, simply do an online search, but finding images you can use freely, is not so easy or simple.

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The Maker Movement in a Rural Context.

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The Maker Movement is a world wide movement, of Hacktavists, Craftivists and Activists, who come together in an informal setting, a Maker Space, either virtually and in reality, to create. Unused, discarded or broken electronic, plastic, silicon, thread or any raw material and/or product, is reused, assembled and re-made. Associated with urban movements, future research will show that the possibility of setting up a community of practice in the form of a Makers Space in a rural setting, can provide rural communities with new and exciting technological opportunities.

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