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Fite Fuaite

I called this blog Fite Fuaite, because it is one of my favorite expressions as Gaeilge. It means, intertwined/interwoven, in Irish. I heard it many years ago, and always thought it was the perfect expression to describe what I do, and the kind of person I am.  I currently live in Dingle, Co. Kerry, a Gaeltacht area. My Irish is terrible, but I am learning…slowly.

This blog is about my research and ramblings on what is Digital Culture, as I study for a Masters through UCC.  The course runs online, taking full advantage of all types of online social and e-learning methods.

To date,  I have had an eclectic career working in all areas of Creative Arts. I have worked as a weaver, in knitwear, even dabbled in puppetry.  I love commissions, from public or  private, for stage or film. I also work as an arts administrator and event organiser. I have exhibited and taught both nationally and internationally.  I also dabble in graphic and web design, just for fun… A Macgyver of Artist Adventures. (If you are too young to remember Macgyver, read this).

I am very interested in how digital technology has changed our lives, as people, consumers and educators. On how it has changed arts practice. I hope to explore this area, through research, and produce ….. well, I’m not exactly sure! Somehow merge my creative background with new digital, technological learning and tools. Its different, its exciting, and I’m looking forward to having my mind blown open over the coming year.

I’ve started a Facebook page if you want to join in the Digital Culture conversation with me: https://www.facebook.com/stitchlilyfitefuaite

or you can find me here:

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/stitchlily

The name Stitchlily, came about because of the first social network I ever joined. Ravely, is like Facebook for people who knit and crochet. Very few use their real name, so I made up Stitchlily. I stitch, and well, I love lilies. (My first car, an old white Nissan Micra was called Lily)

If you want to know more about my arts practice, you can visit my blog: www.stitchlily.blogspot.com 

I also run a blog for the textile community in Ireland, visit it here: www.woollyway.blogspot.com