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Video Essay

The second part of the Editing Skills module (read about part 1 here)

MADC Visual Essay from stitchlily on Vimeo.

In my video essay, I am exploring my role as I unconsciously edit in my arts practice, and edit my community practise. I am very interested in the process, the difference between arts practice, and other work. The experience of editing a Wikipedia page, has made me not just appreciate but be excited by the concept of open participatory projects.

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Editing Wikipedia

image of wikipedia

For the Postgraduate Editing Skills Module, we were asked to edit a Wikipedia Page,  write a  critical review of the editing experience, acknowledging the theories and methods of digital scholarly editing and post it to a class blog Edit4Credit

I chose to edit the Wikipedia Page ‘Irish Lace’, to look at a few key areas the page was missing: mainly sources, citations and more in-depth history. There was only one paragraph on the origins of Lace in Ireland, and it was inaccurate. I added in 2 paragraphs on the origins of lace, with citations, sources and internal links.

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